Wise Investments

 “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”

–Ronald Reagan–

Leaders who want to be at their very best will understand that as a leader one must learn who, and what to invest in or to make wise investments.  Today many “would be” leaders do a poor job at this.  However, a keen leader will acknowledge three areas where wise investments are a must. 

  1. Themselves
  2. Their Employees/Followers
  3. Their Business/Organization


The Renaissance Leader understands that as a leader they must invest in themselves which speaks of personal leadership development.  This thought must always be on their minds because they are in fact the top of the organization.  The organization can only produce at the leader’s pace and speed.  Leaders who do not continue to sharpen their leadership skills hamper the productivity of the entire organization.  While the focus of self-development is present with the leader it leads to developing their subordinates at the same time.  It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that improves the organization on each level. 

Their Employees and Followers

The keen leader never underestimates their employees – instead they understand that they are the key to a successful long-term business venture.  Additionally, they understand that in their followers contain the present existence of the organization as well as the future of the organization.  Therefore, employees should be viewed as one of the most important aspects of the successful operation of the business.  A successful business model lifts its employees and they are trusted, valued and respected to the leader.  If not, it will cost the leader, cost the organization monetarily, and cost ultimately the organization structurally at its core. 

Their Business/Organization

Far too many leaders and organizations tend to not reinvest in their businesses.  This is a mistake because all things are relative, not necessarily related, but does have influence regardless to how slight.  Leaders who want to remain on the cutting edge understands this concept.  They acknowledge that as the business grows, so must the organization.  This is applicable in the structure, the development of business concepts and especially true in how they approach the future of their operations (internally).  There is perhaps nothing worse than an organization that has operationally outgrown itself.  This is squarely a leadership responsibility.  That is why when faced with a problem as a leader, even if you were not the cause of the problem – the responsibility to correct it is all yours.


Wise investments that a leader must make starts with investing in themselves, leads to their followers and are captured in the outgrowth of the organization.  A wise leader will make wise investments for every aspect of the organization.  This means they must have organizational knowledge, which leads to well thought out timely decisions.  This leader uses its greatest assets and understands that whenever heights the organization will climb to it will be the people of the organization that gets them there.  Additionally, it means prioritizing correctly and sticking to the processes that work and modifying or eliminating those which does not.   The bottom line is the organization will rise and fall with the leader.  Making continuous wise decisions, and fundamentally sound investments place the organization in the best position to succeed consistently and control its own destiny.  This is the responsibility of any good leader.

Craig Simmons, Sr., CEO

Published by Leading The Leaders, LLC

Here at Leading The Leaders, we believe that the best way to guide an individual or a group is via perpetual development. This is different from just seeking training. We believe that training is good, but development speaks to creating a better leader while training often supports the needs of the organization making the organization better through its people.

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