Great Leaders Inspire

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

~William Arthur Ward~

Great Leaders inspires others.  Just as great teachers inspire others so does great leaders.  For this cause a leader should do the following:

Love it, Learn to Love it or Leave it!

What are we referring to here?  Leadership of course.  Here is the million-dollar question – do you love being a leader?  If the answer is not an emphatic “yes”, then there is something dramatically wrong.  Want to be a better leader?  If you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, you’ll never really succeed in inspiring other people.  The major reason is because a person regardless to their talent level they will never be able to inspire others if they themselves are not inspired first. 

What is quite often missing from becoming an inspiring leader is the fact that it must come from within.  Secondly, inspiration must be led by strong character and a value system as the leader’s foundation.  Lastly, anyone seeking to inspire others must possess a healthy concern for the betterment of others.  This means they understand the internal working that make that person, who they are.  Anything short of this will be superficial and vain. 

Inspiring others is a journey and not an event.  Leaders who attempt to shorten this process is denying the truth of leadership principles.  Remember that development of others always starts with oneself – this is also true of inspiring others.  If you as a leader do not possess inspiration within, it will be impossible to positively inspire your followers consistently.    

Published by Leading The Leaders, LLC

Here at Leading The Leaders, we believe that the best way to guide an individual or a group is via perpetual development. This is different from just seeking training. We believe that training is good, but development speaks to creating a better leader while training often supports the needs of the organization making the organization better through its people.

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