Leading The Leaders, LLC

Who We Are

Leading the Leaders, LLC is a company that believes that every aspect of life is enhanced by learning and developing leadership skills.  We also acknowledge that all leaders can learn perpetually which is why our personal learning never stops.  Who Are We?  Simply stated people who live what we believe to be most beneficial to all—that is leadership principles and concepts for everything in life.

What We Do

What we do is form a long-term partnership, which is based on the principles of leadership.   We do not attempt to sidestep any issues, which appear to be hard or difficult, but instead, face them head-on in the realm connected to the principles of leadership.  We do what the client wants; however, we also must be truthful in each situation when given the chance to provide feedback and suggestions for leadership growth.

Why We Do What We Do

Why we do, what we do is because of our value system and the core belief that only through true commitment to leadership can an organization display true growth.  Why we do, what we do is also because we believe that everyone desires great leadership and we look to provide the basis for that environment to exist. 

Leadership Seminar

How We Do What We Do

From a personal standpoint, our trusted instructors have been instrumental in obtaining positive results.  For example, at the small company level, we have taken an organization which was at the bottom of the organization pertaining to proficiency and efficiency and made it the best of the best.  This represents a 50% increase in productivity and almost 65% in proficiency and efficiency.  Additionally our personal experiences has led to marketing and sales which have constantly out shined our counterparts.  Lastly, we would like to mention that as leaders of our perspective industries our efforts have been marked in our mid-level leaders.  To illustrate one such incident is that we foster a 50% promotion of our mid-level leaders to a position equal to or higher than their contemporaries.  The bottom line is that our results are equal to our claims that through leadership one can positively impact organization production, performance as well as the organization outputs.

Whom We Do It For

We at Leading the Leaders, LLC exist for those who find themselves in leadership positions or have a desire to move into leadership but is holding themselves back because they have a fear of leading other people. If you are operating a nonprofit, a business, or working on a job. Leading the Leaders, LLC has the tools that will be beneficial in taking your leadership to the next level.If you are looking to increase your communication skills? If you are looking to learn how to engage with your team in order to be more productive? If you are considering moving into another leadership position? If you are just not sure what it means to be a leader? Then Leading the Leaders, LLC is the consultants for you!

We did all of this through 1 on 1 leadership development for the Executives, detailed evaluations of the organization, customized people-centric training that focus on the needs of the people in the organization, building mid-level leaders, and in return increased the level of productivity in the organization.

For more information on our detailed leadership evaluation and customized training programs contact us at info@leadingtheleadersllc.net.

“The value of leadership development is worth the invested time, as well as, money!”

Craig I. Simmons

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